Who we are

H-CUE Catering, an indigenous and newly established hospitality company with experienced and qualified management staff, are determined to provide outstanding standards, cost effective services to clients across a diverse range of industries

"Our pledge is integrity, courtesy and customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver top-quality service and creativity on every level with consistent professionalism" - Our Mission

Our Vision

To become one of the world’s leading hospitality and catering companies, with an internationally recognized brand synonymous with quality services, customer focus, and best practice.

Our Values

  • Business Synergy - All parts of the organizations working towards singular goals.
  • Integrated Communications - Continual information flow between all key stakeholders
  • Cooperation (Teamwork) - All individuals, departments and divisions working together
  • Integration - Efficient operations between different levels of the organization
  • Collective Accountability - Individuals taking ownership of desired outcome, as well as personal tasks.
  • Technology-Driven - Constant innovation in business operation and service provision


“H-CUE Catering finds the solutions that others miss”.
We are a solution driven organization, with a business culture that supports and encourages all staff to continually identify ways to improve our services and increase client satisfaction. We achieve this through a commitment to employee satisfaction, motivation, and constant training to ensure that our professional workforce is always dedicated to providing clients with a value-focused service.
H-CUE Catering is in the business of providing value-focused complete service solutions that always satisfy client needs.

The key qualities that make us different:-

Capable & Versatile

The depth of our knowledge, expertise and combined senior management experience covers all aspects of the catering and hospitality industry, making us uniquely positioned to provide multiple service solutions in any circumstances

Local Knowledge & Expertise

We have extensive experience, and working knowledge of the local business landscape as a whole, and the specific characteristics of oil and gas sector in particular, with technically qualified staff that can successfully develop, execute and manage projects/contracts at a local level.

Technical Competence

A resource of highly qualified professionals is unsurpassed in its depth of experience and knowledge, through a centralized program of continual training to keep them fully abreast of all the latest developments in their respective fields, and the industry as a whole.

Shared Ownership

Our approach to projects/contracts focuses on working closely with our client, and all those in the value chain critical to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed services.

Feedback Mechanism

We have designed and developed a comprehensive feedback mechanism based on spot-checks, un-scheduled visits by Management staff to client locations, and consumer surveys that constant monitor levels of satisfaction to ensure the consistency of standard across all our locations.

Health & Safety Conscious

Our primary focus is to protect our clients, staff, business partners and suppliers at all points of interaction within the working environments where they operate, fully adhering to all local and international legislation, and subsequent corporate, conducting random audits to ensure absolute compliance.


At H-CUE Catering, we strongly believe in staff training and development, providing innovative training opportunities to all our team members both location staff and those from head office.

H-CUE Catering provides an unmatched experience whatever your career goals, with a strong belief in professional career development our people actively contribute to project teams at every level and are rewarded in accordance with their performance and contribution to team achievements while working individually or as part of a collective.